August 14, 2006

It's official...I'm a Buckeye now!

Yup, that's right. I'm really an Ohioan now. I'm so happy to be here. Getting here was a bit of an adventure though.

First of all, half of my belongings, including my furniture, are still at my ex boyfriend's house. I don't have a truck, or anything like that, so I couldn't take the stuff to my apartment. So my friend was supposed to help me with her truck. We talked about it for weeks, got the day off and all that. The day before we're supposed to move all the stuff I try calling her. No answer. I try later. No answer. Again, later, and no answer. I must have called her six times, and not once did she pick up. Naturally, she didn't show up the next day, so I stuffed as many boxes into my car as I could, and went down to Ohio anyway. She called me later that afternoon to tell me that the "reason" she didn't come help me move was because her dad took the truck. Never mind that he knew we needed it on this day for over a month. That's her excuse, but I'm guessing she simply copped out on me. At any rate, that means my furniture is still at the ex-bf's place. Thankfully, he doesn't mind holding on to it for me, since we're still on pretty good terms.

A couple of weeks later, egan was down for a visit, and I sent him home with even more boxes. I spent the next week going crazy, trying to box everything else up, and praying it would all fit into two little cars.

Egan and I had a fun weekend taking my son to the zoo on Saturday, but on Sunday we spent it packing, packing and packing. He originally was going to leave on Sunday, and I was going to follow on Monday. But he decided not to, and so we spent the evening watching Wallace and Gromit, Curse of the Wererabbit outside, with our friends Mr and Mrs hi-c. Then, eeek! it was Monday, moving day.

We ran around like scared bunnies, making sure everything was packed. Then we very carefully stuffed everything into the two cars. Last to go were the guinea pig and the two cats. The pig and Twitch went into egan's car, while Smokey went into mine. And we're off!

It was, unfortunatly, a very hot day, and I don't have a/c in my car. So about an hour into the trip, Smokey was just suffereing. So I called egan on his cel and asked him to put her in his car. We pulled over and in she went. So now he's stuck with two mewing cats, and I'm all alone. The rest of the trip went pretty uneventfully from there.

We finally got in and brought the cats and pig up into the apartment. Then we collapsed from exhaustion. Over the next two days we unloaded what was left in the cars, and got all the boxes upstairs and stacked them up in the dining room. The kitties settled right into their new home. Smokey found a place on the back of the love seat, and Twitch just roamed all over, finally deciding he likes it under the bed. They both like having a porch to hang out on though.

It's been about two weeks, and I feel like I'm finally settled in. This is our place now. I start work back up on Thursday, and I'm really nervous, but greatful that I have a job. All in all, it's been wonderful moving down here, and I'm proud to be a Buckeye at last.

August 11, 2006

My animals

I feel like sharing pictures of my animals with you. This is my cat, Twitch. He's a big sweetie. I adopted him last year after my kitty, Sammy, passed away. He's six years old, and the biggest lover cat I've ever known. He's also the most mellow cat I've ever met. You could do almost anything to him, and he just doesn't care. Don't ask me where he got his name though; he came named that way. He does do a psycho kitty thing from time to time, so maybe that's where it came from. I really have no idea.

This is my kitty, Smokey. I've had her for ten years now. I adopted her when she was just a tiny little kitten. She's a good kitty, although she can be a pain sometimes. But I love her dearly. She's very picky about who she likes, being a Siamese, but she really has me as her human. She got her name when she was a baby, and looked like a little puff of smoke.

And to round out our little animal family is my guinea pig, Tottie. She's named after Lady Tottington from Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Wererabbit. I bought her a couple of months ago for my son. She's his guinea pig, even if I do take care of her for him. She's not as loving as a cat, but she doesn't mind being held or petted, once you catch her that is. And she'll devour lettuce like there's no tomorow. Don't mind the red eye thing...that's just her Terminator impersonation.

So there's my animals. Hope you enjoyed seeing my furry family!