June 27, 2006

Oh happy day...a job transfer has come my way!

I've been talking to the BF about moving down there to be with him. Well one major setback, of course, would be a job for me. Turns out that the Home Depot offers job transfers for it's employees. So I talked to my HR manager the other day and told her the situation. Then I gave her a list of the stores I'm interested in transfering to, and she emailed their HR managers. Well, one of them called me today! I have to go home and call him back, but it looks like I might have a job waiting for me when I move. Yeah!!!

June 26, 2006

The return of the evil knee

The evil knee has struck again! This time it's in the back of the knee, instead of the side. I called and begged and got into the doctor today. Very nice man, Dr Stevens. I like doctors that make you feel like a person and not a chart. Anyway, he pokes and prods and tells me my ligaments are okay, which is good news. The bad news is, I seem to have pulled my hamstring muscle, right at the base. And I have tendonitous, to top it all off.

Sigh, I just can't win.

June 24, 2006

"Werid Al's" new song

As some of you may know, I am a huge "Weird Al" fan. Well, I'm happy to spread the word that he has a new song out, that's only available online at his website at www.weirdal.com

From an article on NPR:

In a career spanning more than 25 years, pop-music parodist "Weird Al" Yankovic hasn't exactly ranked among the music business' fiercest iconoclasts: He doesn't release his song parodies without the consent of the artists being parodied, and he's rarely used the Internet as more than a tool to promote his projects and connect with his fans. But a music label's efforts to block a (relatively tame) parody of James Blunt's ubiquitous hit "You're Beautiful" has Yankovic fighting back publicly, and using his Web site as a tool to do so.

According to Yankovic, Blunt himself gave his blessing to a song called "You're Pitiful" (audio), which was to appear on Yankovic's now-finished but as-yet-unreleased new album. But after Yankovic finished recording the parody, Atlantic Records, Blunt's label, told Yankovic that he couldn't release "You're Pitiful." Though Yankovic has encountered resistance from artists before -- after a miscommunication involving permissions, Coolio publicly objected to a released parody of "Gangsta's Paradise," while Prince has always turned down Yankovic's requests to parody his hits -- he says this is the first time a label has stepped in to squash the release of one of his parodies. (Quoth an Atlantic representative: "We have no comment on this matter.")

So how, exactly, does a music label have a say in whether one of its artists can be parodied?
"The legality in this case is somewhat moot," Yankovic writes when contacted via e-mail. "James Blunt could still let me put it on my album if he really wanted to, but he obviously doesn't want to alienate his own record company... and my label could release the parody without Atlantic's blessing, but they don't really want to go to war with another label over this. So really, it's more of a political matter than a legal matter."

Of course, it's not hard to circulate a song these days, and Yankovic has helped that process along by making an MP3 of the track available for free download on his Web site. It may not appear on Yankovic's new album, but "You're Pitiful" will still swirl around in cyberspace long after Blunt's original recedes from memory.

"I have a long-standing history of respecting artists' wishes," Yankovic writes. "So if James Blunt himself were objecting, I wouldn't even offer my parody for free on my Web site. But since it's a bunch of suits -- who are actually going against their own artist's wishes -- I have absolutely no problem with it."
Go Al! Now head off to his site and go download it! ;)

June 16, 2006

Mini vacation

Yesterday I left Michigan for a bit of a mini vacation. I'm down in Ohio visiting my sweetie. Yeah! A whole weekend of sleeping in, going to a baseball game, eating sushi, and just relaxing. Ah, the good life. :)

Do I have to go back? ;)

June 13, 2006

Shoulder update

Been to the doc, again, and she said "Ice, rest, motrin and take it easy at work." Uh, duh? I could have told her that. Oh well. It is feeling better at least, though not 100%. I'm sure it's because I've injured it before, and soft tissue injuries, on me at least, never fully heal.

But I'm back to work at least. And I don't have my arm in a sling anymore. I didn't like being a one armed bandit. ;)

June 07, 2006

You hurt yourself again?

That's the cry I heard at work last week. I tripped over a lawn tractor and smashed my shoulder up pretty good when I landed on the concreate.

Needless to say, since it happened at work, I had to go through the whole paperwork crap, plus the whiz quiz, etc. So not fun.

I came into work the next day, high on codiene and in a sling. I tried to cashier but it wasn't easy at all. So they sent me home.

For the next week I cashiered. Now I'm back on the lot and slingless. But they've got a pool at work as to what I'll hurt next. Gods only know.

Not so good 6-6-6

I’m a little superstitious, I'll admit it. You can't be in theatre without being just a touch that way. However, when it comes to things like breaking mirrors, black cats, and Friday the 13th, I say you make your own luck. Yesterday was no exception. I was determined to not let the "dreaded" 6-6-6 day be a bad one for me. I went to work, and our loss prevention guy said he was going to keep an extra close eye on me since he thinks I'm bad luck. (Hurt my knee, lock my keys in the car, etc.) Well, all day at work was fine. I worked out in the garden department, and didn't have any problem customers. Then I had my son after work, and we had a great visit. I thought for sure I had the bad luck beat.

Then I drove home from dropping off my son at his dad's.

While driving down the road, a Siamese cat darted out in front of my car. I hit the breaks, but it was too late. I killed the poor kitty cat. I was so upset and felt sick. I couldn't bring myself to turn around and try and find who it might belong to. I called my boyfriend and told him what happened. He kept telling me it was just an accident, but I can't help but feel like shit. I had a cat hit and killed by a car once too. I know what a horrid feeling that is. If I close my eyes, I can still see it. A day later, and I still feel sick.

So it turned out to not be that great of a day after all. Not the worst day I’ve ever had, but I can’t think of anything that’s happened lately that made me feel this bad.

To who ever owned the kitty, I am so very sorry. I hope that you can find it in your heart to forgive me. And for the love of the gods, please, if you get another cat, don't let it outside. Don't let this happen again. I'm so sorry.

Accidentally in love

So if you read my post about falling in love with my best friend, you're probably wondering what became of all that. I'm happy to tell you that he read my blog, we talked about it, and we're now together, and very happily in love. Turns out he was in love with me too, but he had the same fears I did about long distance relationships. But we decided to say "to hell with it" and give it a go.

He came up to see me on St. Patrick's day, and we've been together ever since. It's so hard being away from each other though. We see each other every couple of weeks, but it's never enough.

Our friends are also a MI/OH couple, but they're only about 45 minutes apart. We call them The Lucky Bastards. Although Bainwin points out to me that we're all lucky bastards, having found our soulmates. She's right.

So I didn't mean to do it, but I fell in love with my best friend. Thank the gods!