May 29, 2008

We're turning into crazy cat people!

We have a new kitten. :) His name is Nibbler, and he's adorable. See?

We must be insane, but we don't care much. :D

We were at Petsmart about a month ago, and this little cutey was part of the local adoption center's weekly showcase. They have kitties there all the time, but on the weekends they bring in more. We played with him for awhile; he crawled all over us, nommed our fingers, let us give him scritches. We talked about it, but though "we can't have a fourth cat! That's nuts!" So we left Nibbler, thinking someone would adopt him soon. He was too cute to not be adopted!

Imagine our surprise when we came back two weeks later to find him still there! We played with him some more, and one of the volunteers was heavily hinting that Nibbler wanted us to take him home. On a whim I filled out an application (they screen potential adopted which I think is great), while Nibbler watched to make sure I filled it out right, had chillas sign it, and for the next week anxiously waited to hear from them.

Finally we got the call that we were going to be able to take him home. We met his foster mom at a Barnes & Noble and brought him home with us.

We brought him into the house, and Max and Sprite sniffed around the carrier but there was no growling or hissing, so we let Nibbler out after awhile. Smokey, of course, watched from afar, all haughty and whatnot.

Nibbler wandered around the apartment, sniffing and checking things out, with Sprite and Max right behind him. By the end of the evening all three of them were playing. :)

He has been a perfect editition to our family. Nicholas is totally in love with him.

Nibbler has a very weird attraction to water. Not only does he drink it out of their regular bowl, but he'll lick it off of the side of a glass, out of the faucet, and even off of faces and toes! Very strange. The last time Nicholas was with us, Nibbler sat on the edge of the tub while he was taking a bath, and had about a quarter of his tail in the bath water. He didn't even seem to care!

He likes to sleep by nesting in my hair at night, which causing some conflicts since Smokey likes to sleep by my head. But often he'll move around and sleep on Joe's chest, neck, belly, or by his knees. Sometimes he just sits and purrs. His favorite toys are my little elastic pony tail holders and my hair if I hang it in his face.

He's silly and we love him. :) Yay kitties!

Letters I wish I could send...or at least know they'd get read

Bipolar disorder,

I hate you. Why have you suddenly stopped responding to the meds? I'm in a major mixed mood state right now and I hate it. Especially since I'm a rapid cycler! One minute I'm agitated and restless as hell and have to get up and move. The next I'm in a slump and want to do nothing except hide under the covers and sleep and sleep and sleep. I don't want to eat in either state, and goodness knows that's not a good idea.

I don't see the "doctor" until the 11th, and I already know she's going to be useless as usual. I'm really tired of her not giving me a month's worth of drugs, but two weeks at a time. BS! What if I can't get there on the right day to pick up the next week's worth? We both know darn well what happens if you miss even a day. And the way it is right now, it would be even worse.

Stop, please. I don't need this right now. I just can't handle another major shift.



Crappy insurance company...

See that letter above? You see how crappy my treatment is? It's your fault. You know why? Because you don't believe mental illness is a "real" disease. You'll hand out medications and treatment for everything as long as it's physical and can be seen and tested. Me and thousands, hell, millions like me are left out in the cold to go to publicly funded, over worked, understaffed clinics.

Mental illness is just as real as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and every other disease you cover.

We deserve the proper treatment, damn it. Get with the program and help instead of hinder.

No love,